ALUMNIGROUPS is the exclusive Alumni-Club for german and international dentists.
The ALUMNIGROUPS-Community will provide you with a large number of possibilities to have an intensive communication with your colleagues from the dental world.
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Exclusiveness and privacy
The registration for ALUMNIGROUPS is just open for members of the dental community. Each applicant has to pass the same process of registration, to be accepted as part of the community. Your privacy is very important for us. Just if it is your will you will be able to communicate with other users.
Personal contact
Keep contact to your colleagues from university and get an overview where your colleages live now. Keep the contact to your university for your lifetime. Make new contacts and stay in touch with your colleagues from your area. Exchange information about career- opportunites and create mentoring- relations.
The educationradar is a supported function of ALUMNIGROUPS. It passes on information from the network to you. Which education is recommended or which event is a waste of time? To which events do your colleagues go?